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Demee Koch @ And Mental Health — Interview with Nicholas Stojanovski, Founder & CEO of MADE FOR MAN™

Demee Koch @ And Mental Health — Interview with Nicholas Stojanovski, Founder & CEO of MADE FOR MAN™

Nicholas Stojanovski is the Founder & CEO of MADE FOR MAN™ and the MADE FOR MAN FOUNDATION™ — a premium Australian native botanical based men’s skincare and grooming brand with a higher purpose — to be a positive role model for men of the world and promote the amazing benefits of self care and most importantly self love.

Nick’s passion behind the brand was born from his personal experiences first hand dealing with his own problematic skin issues and the struggle to find natural, cruelty free and vegan products that performed. He followed ancient wisdom — Australian native botanicals have been used by the world’s oldest known living culture for thousands of years and are now revered around the world for their amazing benefits to boosting skin health.

Nicholas’ hard work is starting to receive recognition with GQ Magazine citing MADE FOR MAN™ as a leader in Australian native botanical infused skincare for men, giving him the confidence to embark on launching his products globally in 2022 starting with the UK and followed by the USA and other major markets. He is passionate about developing the best Australian native botanical based skincare and grooming products made for men.

What is the role of beauty in life?

Beauty in life is a reflection of how you feel about yourself I believe. Beauty is not external or superficial, it comes from within and looking after yourself has a huge impact in how you feel not only physically and mentally but also spiritually. We promote the amazing benefits of self care and self love using our products to men in order to break the cycle of toxic masculinity in our societies. The positive impact of promoting self confidence to others around you is simply beautiful.

What are common misconceptions about beauty today?

As a male focused brand owner the most common misconception I find about beauty per se is it’s a woman’s domain perceived as shallow, superficial, plays on insecurities and is all about simply selling products! We see first hand via our customers the positive psychological impact of self care and the inner confidence of feeling great about yourself, for yourself.

How does a child perceive beauty?

The appreciation of beauty by children, as I have personally experienced with my own son and daughter is simply amazing and grounds me to appreciate beauty in all forms. Most children are influenced by the role models in their life — mother, father, brothers and sisters, who all play an important role in framing beauty as doing something that makes you feel good.

How can beauty/self-care practices empower mental health? Please give an example.

When you do anything to nurture and care for yourself, whether it be a morning beauty routine, meditation, connecting with nature, exercise, being a positive role model and helping others, the inner happiness and self belief is infectious and it all starts with feeling good about yourself by loving yourself.

How can beauty standards affect mental health?

To me it is really personal to the individual. The practice of self care and self love can only have a positive impact on mental health. Feeling good about yourself is positive, uplifting and infectious to others around you.

What is a healthy way to approach beauty?

Practice beauty for you and the way it makes you feel.

What are trends in beauty that you find healthy, which are trends that are unhealthy?

Clean, green, cruelty free and nature based products that are genuinely good for you are setting the benchmark in beauty which I find very healthy. Men’s beauty and the benefits of self care is becoming mainstream now and the toxic masculinity culture of previous generations is dying out. The trends I find quite unhealthy centre around playing on people’s insecurities in beauty.

What needs to change to create a healthier image of beauty?

I really believe in loving the unique individual person you are from the outside in and inside out. For men, the machismo image of many brands simply breeds toxic masculinity which we simply do not need in this modern world.

What do you wish people knew about beauty?

To me beauty is all about you and making you feel good inside for yourself not anybody else.


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